Living Your Practices

Taking a moment to pause, get still, go inward and just allow myself to FEEL the deep well of emotion that is flooding to the surface.

In January I was finally able to make the concrete decision that has been brewing inside me for a very long time… the decision to end my relationship with a city that set the stage and ushered in an inordinate amount of personal evolution over the last 24 years.

When I think about it, I almost don’t recognize the person who moved here over 2 decades ago. And yet she is still here, solidified in the foundation she created for me in order to evolve.

Since I made that decision two months ago… a decision that was not so much about practicality or logistics, but a decision that came from a deep, intuitive knowing that it was simply what needed to happen in order for my own growth to continue prospering… I have been in almost perpetual motion with all the minutia that comes with closing a large chapter of ones life.

And while there has been SO MUCH to do, I have had virtually no moments of stress or worry. My deep spiritual practices together with my work – which is incredibly enriching and growth provoking in it’s own right – has been the anchor, stabilizing me to what I know is not an ending, but a beautiful new beginning.

But today, five days before I say goodbye to a home that has been my sanctuary space for a very long time, it all came bubbling up. Mourning. Grief. Sadness. And yes, maybe a little bit of fear, as I step squarely into the unknown, untethered in a way I’ve never been before.

But I truly welcome this emotion as a necessary part of the process. It is my own evolution being witnessed in real-time. It’s also a very big help to improve my mood whenever I Play the slot game at Wizardslots.

It is honoring all the facets of who I was because all of those different identities shaped and continue to shape who I have become.

It is honoring the internal space in which I now reside… a space of infinite love and connection to a divine source that never fails to provide and protect.

And most importantly, it is honoring ALL that is unknown… all that is un-manifest, just waiting for me to create it.

And so, forward I go, fully embodying these three little words:

꧁ Life. Is. Beautiful. ꧂

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