If I had to sum up my foremost intention in one word, it would be evolution. As humans, we have been given the physical and mental faculties which enable us the ability to consciously evolve… to bring awareness to our inherent capacity to fully feel joy, purpose, deep fulfillment and engagement with all of life. Cultivating this capacity has become my biggest priority, both personally and professionally.

Yoga has been a part of my life for over two decades now, and the path of self discovery that yoga provides just gets more interesting as it progresses, and it is this ever-deepening discovery of self that keeps me perpetually intrigued and engaged.

For many years my primary intention was one of self-healing… of unbinding all the layers of self that manifest in discontent and disharmony during day to day life. Yoga provided a transformational platform for which hidden layers could find the light of day, and despite life’s ups and downs, the trajectory was unquestionably up.

In early 2019 my path intersected with Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) which took my trajectory to an entirely new level… one of transcendence. That I found deep personal transformation in this modality and that I was able to begin facilitating for the benefit of others was no coincidence. The Universe knew I was ready and it provided both the means and the way.

Somewhere in 2020, amidst the pandemic, my desire to go ever-deeper on the spiritual path found me connection with world-renowned channel and healer Asil Toksal, and his direct connection with cosmic beings and states of consciousness opened up things for me that until then, only existed on an intellectual level. Several initiations through these channels brought an entirely new element to my own work.

Since then, my spiritual life continues to deepen and evolve in profound ways, and I endeavor to remember that my own work is never done… the healer must continue to heal thyself. The nature of personal evolution knows no boundaries, and I find this to be an incredible inspiration to keep going deeper. It makes my purpose clear.

And yet, despite actively helping other people transform their lives, I do not identify as a healer. I am a sharer… of knowledge, of skill sets, of gifts that I too have been given. I believe this sharing is of utmost importance… for our humanity cannot grow if the seeds are not planted.

While this path of spiritual evolution may not be everyone’s priority, I do believe we are in the midst of a massive global shift in how humanity perceives it’s place in the cosmos. What is the true meaning of the life we’ve been given and the complexities we are confronted with in our daily lives? What is the purpose of all we have surrounded ourselves with? For many, these and similar questions are taking up more and more space in the conscious part of our minds. People are asking because they are awakening.

And so, as I grow, learn and evolve, it is my heart-felt desire to help you grow, learn and evolve too, and to do so in ways that suit you best. This is my deepest intention. What is yours?


Decades of embodied practices, including ten years as a professional dancer and almost as long teaching yoga have brought a unique depth of understanding on the mind/body/spirit principal of union. Over the last several years, a strong commitment to spiritual growth has evoked a series of ever-deepening, transformative awakenings, bringing Barbara to a place of direct connectivity to Divine energies, which she transmits during her energy sessions.

During this committed pursuit, Barbara has accrued a vast background of experiences alongside an intellectual understanding in both the traditional teachings of India as well as that of the modern mystics, bringing a well-rounded approach to this path toward wholeness. Barbara’s deep well of experience in conjunction with an even deeper desire toward self-realization now leads her to stretch beyond lineages, and she find herself directly connected to Source energy itself. This connection brings with it a very clear directive that expands far beyond personal evolution… one that calls for service to humanity at large. In being a conduit for Divine energy, she shares simply:

My duty has become clear: Awaken, and assist in the awakening in others.”



“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.”
-Henry Ward Beecher

Gratitude is the space in the heart where all beauty is birthed. It is only from this place that we can move forward on this journey of learning… of shifting, faltering, realigning and ascending. 

With a profoundly open heart, I give thanks to all my students, who teach me as much as I teach them, and with deep reverence, I bow to all my gurus… both known, unknown, past, present and future, and I thank them for their continued wisdom, guidance and grace. 

Above all else, I bow to the Divine Source within, whose unwavering presence is so clearly and obviously assisting me every single step of the way.