It’s Time to Blossom

You, dear one, are meant to bloom. To find your fullest expression.

Like every flower that springs from the earth, the opening of your gift will be its own process and will unfold in its own time.

So much of life is spent as a constricted promise of something beautiful to come… a tight bud, a mere beginning of something profound, internally struggling to expand, often without any perception of what is to come.

This is the unawakened state. And for most of us, it is the necessary precursor to the magnificence of you that awaits.

No one tells you that the process of unfurling – of opening and becoming – is the extraordinary journey itself, in which no one place, despite appearances, could ever be considered the destination.

That the blossoming just continues, pouring forth beauty, even amidst what some would call decay. For in the decay of what is no longer vibrant in your heart, lies the seed of yet another new beginning, another, even bigger opening.

That the places we thought were fully formed were still hiding greater things to come.

So then the task becomes an inquiry: How far, how wide can the heart of this flower I call “self” open?

Allow me to assist you in your opening. For an open energetic system is an opening to the full vibrancy of life and a wholeness of self.

And now is time for you to blossom…

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