Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness and Light Language from the Celestial Realm

There are many forms of energy work, each with their unique signature, each affecting the vibration of our internal space in a different way.

The Cosmic Consciousness Transmission is a pure manifestation of divine love, meant to assist us in reaching and sustaining higher and expanded states of consciousness. These states are often referred to as Unity Consciousness, Christ Consciousness or the Non-Duality. This transmission comes through one of the highest planes of consciousness available to the human experience.

At its root, this divine transmission is about your souls evolution and its core connection to an infinite source of love and support. It is about facilitating your individual evolution in order to elevate the collective.

Join me in receiving this flow of cosmic energy supplemented by the energetic codes of light language, and allow yourself to open further to the possibilities of the universe.

Upcoming Sessions

When available, public group sessions will be listed here.
Cost: sliding scale $44-$66

Streamed Sessions

Replays of streamed transmissions can be found on YouTube.
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Meanwhile, you can still receive many benefits via pre-recorded sessions such as the one below. 

Private Transmissions

I am available for Private 1:1 Sessions, conducted in-person or online.

For either, please check my current location and contact me if you are interested. I would love to share this energy with you.


Virtual sessions via Zoom or In-Person:

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AboutThis Work

The Cosmic Consciousness Transmission is an amalgamation of different energies that have found their unique and powerful manifestation through my vessel.

At its core, this transmission is an expression of divine love, referred to by its source as “the love of creation.” It comes through one of the highest planes of consciousness available to the human experience… the Celestial Realm.

This Celestial Realm, consisting of angelic, arch-angelic, and realms above and beyond those,  have been present and assisting humanity for time immemorial, represented in countless ways through different cultures, teachings and philosophies.

But now, it’s been made clear that humanity is in a critical state of evolution where more support is needed in order for it to find it’s way to the higher states of collective consciousness it is meant to behold. 

I am humbled to be at a stage of my own spiritual development and energetic readiness so as to be initiated into giving this transmission, and through deep, committed work to my own spiritual evolution, much has opened for me as a result.

It is a profound gift I have been given, with the clear understanding that I am also meant to share it with whomever is open to receiving. And so, with profound gratitude I am honored to share it with you.

2020 found me doing deep inner work with renowned channel and my main mentor through this process, Asil Toksal, who works directly with the angelic realms for the sake of humanity’s evolution. In this container, I embarked on a path of refining my physical, mental, emotional and energetic form, first to be able to hold this high-frequency energy, then be able to transmit it.

This refinement eventually altered certain aspects and elements of my energetic-spiritual construct, and activated the latent energetic templates that now allow me to fully transmit this healing frequency. And the most beautiful part is, that the evolution just continues to unfurl itself… and this is true for every human on the planet, particularly those who are also committed to their spiritual growth.

In 2022 I completed my Level 2 KAP Facilitator Training with Venant Wong… a training that specifically focused on and cultivated moving into and transmitting non-dual states of consciousness. This work has added a powerful layer of depth to the transmission.

Since I began this work, I have sat with, studied with and received many different types of activations from countless teachers, mentors and spirit guides, and I continue to learn not only from those I am drawn to, but from the most powerful guru of all – my own inner wisdom and higher self.

It has been magical to experience, made more so because I am now able to turn around and give back all that moves through me to any and all who are open to receive.