How Much Time in the Un-seeing?

As the filaments of thread, commonly called ‘the veil,’ begin to dissolve with increasing voracity, I see all that surrounds me with newly gifted sight.

And I ponder, how is it that I ever *didn’t* bow and revere and glorify every breath, every experience, every moment of creation? How much time have I spent in the not-seeing… in the ignorance to such simple, profound, ever-abundant beauty?

The shell does not know suffering in its erosion. The sun does not concern itself with our impending darkness. The waters may rise and fall with violence or calm, but they never cease their eternal, life-giving flow.

The natural world does not lament its own dissolution any more than it exalts its own expansion. Yet we continually forget that we are an intrinsic part of that natural order.

I contemplate the perception of time which I witness on my face, my hands, my body… time which provides a perspective in which I see my unfolding wisdom as well as the illumination of my ignorance.

And the deeper I look, the only thing I can find is unbound gratitude for the grace I would never have embodied were it not for the abundant vacillation between my own darkness and light.

And so I continue contemplating how much more time we will collectively spend forsaking the gift of universal, unconditional love, which is ours for the taking, and whose only ask in return is simply to be witnessed.

And in asking that question, I organically know there is only one person with the answer.


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