Illuminating your divine, human essence and infusing it with pure, higher-dimensional frequencies… this is Light Body Activation. This energy transmission is a unique marriage of two distinct, yet deeply intertwined elements: cosmic, kundalini life-force, and states of consciousness from the higher realms. The transmission begins by opening the universal field of life-force, which both activates and purifies your subtle energy system – your light-body – awakening its intelligent flow and illuminating all the layers of your divine human vessel so you can fall into deeper resonance with source.

This engagement of your energetic system, which often includes an activation of kundalini, then provides a conducive container for the higher, celestial-realm states of consciousness I channel to embody more fully into your energetic field, and thus into all aspects of your physical-spiritual being. This multifaceted frequency provides a profound gateway toward clarity, transcendence and toward your highest expression as an embodied soul.

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There are many forms of energy work, each with their unique signature, each affecting the vibration of our internal space in a different way.

The Cosmic Consciousness Transmission is a pure manifestation of divine radiance originating from the angelic realms and above, supplemented by the healing energetics encoded in Light Language. This work is about the expansion of consciousness – bringing forth your highest potential and connecting to the infinite, luminous space within.

Often referred to as Unity Consciousness, Non-Duality or Christ Consciousness, these energies facilitate your individual evolution through helping you reach and sustain higher and more expanded states of consciousness, and in that process, find the most aligned state possible in all aspects of your being: physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Connecting to and receiving these higher-consciousness frequencies is a gateway into deep insight, expanded perspective and the embodiment of your highest self, opening you further to the infinite possibilities of the universe. And in moving deeper into your own evolution, you inherently elevate the expansion of the collective

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Barbara Blum is a dedicated guide on the journey to spiritual and personal growth. With over two decades of experience, she specializes in several holistic practices, particularly her Light Body Activation and Cosmic Consciousness Transmissions.

Her work focuses on fostering deep connections with one’s inner self and the universe. Through empathetic listening and tailored energy sessions, Barbara assists clients in navigating life’s transitions, achieving higher states of consciousness, and realizing their fullest potential.

Barbara’s unique ability to channel higher-dimensional energies allows her to facilitate profound transformations in her clients. Her sessions are designed to activate the light body, purify the energy system, and awaken the intelligent flow within, leading to deeper resonance with the source. Clients often experience clarity, transcendence, and an enhanced state of well-being as they embark on their journey towards self-discovery and empowerment. Barbara’s compassionate guidance ensures that each person feels supported and inspired to embrace their true potential and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Barbara and her incredible ability to channel some seriously healing energy has changed my life this year. It’s been an epic tumultuous few years for me and I had lost myself in a way that I wasn’t sure if I was coming back. This past winter I was determined to get myself back and so I started attending Barbara’s light body activation sessions. I found these sessions to be exceptional healing and helped me not only turn a corner and come back to myself, but also helped me evolve past what I thought I was capable of becoming. She channels these energies in a humble way, yet with a deep power that is hard to explain unless you experience it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to heal or evolve and transcend.

Gillian May

Barbara Blum is an exceptional and clear Energy Conduit/Spiritual Mentor with years of experience on the spiritual path. She has a safe, gentle, knowing presence and exhibits a great depth of knowledge, dedication and commitment, coming from an open heart of pure love.
The interactive experiences I’ve had with Barb have been truly profound and transformative – opening portals to higher realms, with feelings of illumination, expansion, greater awareness and lift!
I offer highest praise, gratitude and recommendations for the beautiful, divine and profound interactive energy processes I’ve shared with Barbara Blum!

Jenny Reed

This retreat was transformative for me, it allowed me to reconnect with my vulnerability. Each session was different, some were very loving and some were very chaotic but they allowed me to connect with the creative source. I felt a very deep reconnection with my divinity and infinite peace. The activities we had allowed me to feel the connection and reconciliation with the masculine energy that was missing in my life, to be grateful for the feminine energy and to integrate it within me, allowing me to balance both energies in my being. Thank you for your magic Barbara!

Sheila Garcia

What can I say, Barbara and her energy modality has been a pinnacle piece to my personal evolution, taking me to the depths of finding my personal power, confidence, and just simply embodying a new state of consciousness. This shift has given me the ability to make critical choices and changes within my life, taking me into who I have always felt I could be. I believe that this energetic therapy, which is what I would like to call it, has the ability to clear passageways in the body where I am now functioning at a more optimal level, consciously, speeding up my personal process here on earth.
Barbara is a kind and down to earth soul, a light pillar that makes you feel loved and cared for within the process of transformation. I have been to several of her local group sessions in Yelapa, and have also experienced her on-line classes. All are so very powerful no matter where you are. She has also held sessions at my wellness retreats and I find her to be an important piece to the energetic shifting puzzle. I can’t thank-you enough Barbara, with all of my love.

Julia Allshouse

I’ve been to 2 retreats with Barbara now and they’ve both been life changing, lifting me into experiences that were undeniably powerful and profoundly transformative.
This work and her energies change my body in the most amazing way – it’s like I’m stronger and lighter at the same time, the creativity that flows through is super healing and the states of consciousness that become accessible in the field – truly awe inspiring.
I also want to say that when it comes to spiritual teachers Barbara is one of the purest and most dedicated I’ve known.

Julieanne Conard

My experience with Barbara has been nothing but extraordinary. I have had so many positive shifts within my life after attending these sessions. I feel more grounded, authentic, aware, joy and confident in my life because of her sessions. Barbara is really down to earth and has created a safe space for everyone ready to take the next step on their healing journey. She ensures that she sets the tone of each session with a quote or short poem that intuitively is the theme for the group. The music is amazing and does its job in adding to the healing process. I have been expanding during each session and it continues to blow my mind. I am truly happy that I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara on my healing journey. Thank you so much Barbara.

Diana Edouard


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