The Call to Expansion

My dear friends and KAP Community,I am just back from a week-long Level 2 KAP Facilitator Training with Venant Wong – the first ever – and if I’m honest, I’m still not entirely sure I can articulate all that has opened as a result of this training.

Things are unquestionably still expanding and integrating, but what I do know is, that what’s unfolding is beautiful and powerful, and that it’s meant to be shared with the world.

The premise of this training was to groom our systems to be able to transmit the non-dual state of consciousness. This is a transmission that up until now, only Venant gave during his weekend immersions or workshops. But as the power of KAP has spread around the world, the time has come for the KAP facilitators to begin giving this transmission as well.

What exactly is the non-dual state of consciousness?

Many spiritual teachings tell us that the ultimate state of reality is one of absolute unity, where the unalterable realm of pure consciousness is all that truly exists. When accessing this highest state of consciousness, you are in the state of non-duality.

While in this human form we experience the material world, which is dualistic… day/night, hot/cold, happy/sad, right/wrong etc. It is only through duality that we have the opportunity to feel and experience the realm of opposites and the vast range that lies in between the polarities.

And the beautiful thing is, when we experience life through these dualities it inherently and automatically expands our perspectives, our awareness and our consciousness.

But ultimately, there is a state of existence where all the polarities disappear and we merge into oneness with source – or pure consciousness, and one might say that this is the pursuit of most spiritual practices. To not only connect with source, but to embody the understanding that we are an indivisible a part of it.

The capacity to come into the non-dual state is a curious thing, and I know from my own experiences that it may take some time to find yourself fully in this space, even with the transmission to assist you. Do not be concerned. The duality of our human ego and mind are very firmly rooted and the dissolution of this takes time. But it is possible.

And in the same way the kundalini energy and KAP transmission are an ongoing progression and an evolutionary process, so too is the expansion of consciousness. After all, kundalini and consciousness cannot be separated, and this non-dual transmission is just another powerful tool for us to find our connection to source with more grace and ease.

The important thing is, we are committed to our process – whatever it looks like – and that we approach this evolution with an open heart and from a state of deep surrender.

The non-dual transmission is not part of the regular KAP sessions, but there can be no question that the KAP energy has shifted and up-leveled in some way. Already, many participants have reported that the KAP transmission feels as if it has amplified or is somehow different, perhaps more expansive… and I would have to agree.

That being said, depending upon your level of sensitivity, you may or may not notice a distinct difference in the KAP transmission. As always, and perhaps more than ever before, I urge you to just stay on the path and let go of comparisons and expectations. They only get in the way.You are evolving perfectly. What unfolds for you and the way in which it unfolds will never be anything less than perfect for YOU.

As to receiving the non-dual transmission, I will begin by offering it during my 1/2-day KAP Intensives, which many of you are familiar with… only now we will have the opportunity to pursue this exploration of consciousness more directly.

Moving forward, as things continue to integrate and evolve for me, this new transmission will find its best container in order for me to serve… and I surrender fully to this divine process as I watch it unfold.

One thing is for certain however – I am beyond thrilled to be one of the first KAP Facilitators offering this non-dual transmission. My journey as a KAP facilitator began 3 years ago, and at that time I was one of the first facilitators in the US and amongst the very first to begin offering these transmissions online.So for me, this just feels like a beautiful continuation of standing openly before the omnipotent, divine unknown, and trusting that all is manifesting with absolute perfection.

I am truly honored and filled with a deep appreciation that exceeds all possible words, to be walking this path with you, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

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