A Transformation Retreat in Mexico

MAY 15-21, 2022



al·che·my  /ˈalkəmē/ noun

the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something
extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained


This week-long retreat will take you deep into the furthest depths of who you are… mind, body and spirit.
You will be immersed in the transformative energies of KAP – Kundalini Activation Process, supported additionally through yoga and meditation, nourished by healthy vegetarian foods, and enchanted by the magic of nature at every turn.


If you are dedicated to your spiritual growth and personal transformation,
you cannot afford to miss this exquisite, life-altering experience.


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About the Retreat

It is a pre-requisite that you have had at least a three previous KAP transmissions in order to maximize the benefit of this retreat environment. As such, 3 online group KAP sessions are included in the retreat package. These are to be used prior to the retreat in order to facilitate your readiness.
PLEASE NOTE: Late registrants may not have time to take advantage of all complimentary sessions. These sessions are not valid after the retreat.

You can find out more about Kundalini Activation Process here.

Schedule will include:

  • Deep energy healing and spiritual awakening through KAP: Kundalini Activation Process. 
  • Yoga ~ different styles to suit and support the needs of the group.
  • Guided meditations ~ these will vary depending upon the format required… expanding consciousness; integrating the energy work; heart-opening; grounding.
  • Group discussion to share and help integrate our experiences with more clarity.
  • 3 fresh, delicious vegetarian meals, or you may opt for a juice cleanse or supplement instead.
  • 1 intuitive massage to support the opening KAP energy (or comparable modality)
  • 1 acupuncture session to support the energetic flow (based on availability)

Some days will include intentional, off-site activities, such as:

  • snorkeling, secluded beach time
  • nearby island exploration
  • waterfall and river hikes
  • other surprises!

Also available at an additional cost:

  • massages and spa treatments 
  • water therapy
  • fresh smoothies, juices and home-made snacks served throughout the day

Yelapa, Mexico sits on a small, beautiful bay 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta and is accessible only by boat. As such, there is very little tourism here and the authenticity of this charming Mexican village is still very much in tact.

Pura Vida Retreat Center resides quite literally off the beaten track, on one of the most stunning pieces of land in the area. Imagine the sound of crashing waves always close at hand and the lush jungle bringing it’s own melody to this ongoing symphony of nature. Oh… and the night sky! Well, you simply have to see it for yourself…

This access to nature provides the necessary backdrop for transformation to occur on a deeper level, fueled by the alchemy of the KAP Modality.

Find out more about the retreat center here.


Single Occupancy: $2800

Double Occupancy: $2200

Dorm-Room: $1800


Retreat attendees will be offered 3 online group KAP sessions prior to the retreat at no additional charge, in order to maximize their readiness.
PLEASE NOTE: Late registrants may not have time to take advantage of all 3 sessions.

Retreat Includes:

  • Single or Double Occupancy Room with attached bathroom and ocean view – either open-air or air-conditioned (limited number of a/c rooms available)
  • 3 gourmet, vegetarian meals daily
  • Morning Yoga
  • Numerous KAP sessions
  • Evening meditation, group discussion and integration
  • 1 intuitive massage and 1 acupuncture session (or other comparable treatments as available)
  • Ocean-water swimming pool and hot tub
  • Several intentional excursions with mindfulness practices, such as: waterfall and river hikes with swimming, boat trip to a pristine island beach, snorkeling
  • Closing group dinner in el pueblo

Final itinerary, excursions and supportive modalities are subject to change based on availability.

Due to the highly transformative experiences had by previous retreat participants and the subsequent word of mouth, there is no question that this retreat will sell out. Early registration is encouraged!

What Transpired?

Here’s What People Had to Say

For those looking to move deeper into the discovery of self,
to step out of the familiar and into something positively life-altering,
you will leave here transformed…

Things to consider before booking:

  • It is a requirement that you have had at least three KAP sessions prior to the retreat. This will insure that you are familiar with the KAP process and that you are in a primed state to receive the maximum benefit of the KAP transmissions in the enhanced retreat environment. Pre-retreat group sessions will be available weekly online leading up to the retreat, and participants will be offered these three sessions at no additional cost.
  • Due to the intense nature of this retreat, it is highly recommended that you give yourself an extra day or two of relaxing, do-nothing integration time before returning home and re-entering your regular routine.
  • You must be in a place of actively pursuing some sort of personal transformation. While this time away is meant to nourish the deepest parts of you, it is not a “vacation”. You will be asked to go deeply inward and examine what lies in the shadows in order to transcend.
  • Mexico currently has no covid testing requirements for entry, however in order to in order to maintain the integrity and comfort of this intimate container we will be working within, and to lessen any potential worries about sharing space, we are requiring that all retreat participants show a negative covid antigen test upon arrival. The test should be dated within 72hrs of your arrival at Pura Vida.
  • Like all things worthwhile, getting to Yelapa in general and the retreat center in particular require a little bit of effort. From Puerto Vallarta you catch a simple water taxi for you and your luggage, and there is a possible wet landing depending upon tide conditions. From the beach/pier you walk along the rocky shore to the retreat center (porters will be available to take your luggage) but trust me, the journey is as beautiful as the destination!

alchemy awaits…
are you ready?

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