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The Most Transformative Process You’ve Never Heard Of

For thousands of years, yogi’s have been trying to awaken their Kundalini in order to work through their karma, connect to the bliss that is our human birthright, and attain higher states of consciousness. Writer and yogi Gopi Krishna, calls Kundalini the “evolutionary energy in man” and famed psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung professed that an awakened Kundalini was an essential element in becoming a fully integrated human.

While the concept of Kundalini is a foreign one in our Western culture, civilizations throughout the ages have understood both it’s power and it’s necessity, not only for spiritual pursuit, but in order for us live our highest potential as a human… physically, mentally and emotionally.

KAP awakens this natural, evolutionary process, opening up long-held blockages in the subtle energy body. This results in a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system that will strengthen with repeated exposure to the KAP energy. 

This rewiring is the healing that is so often unattainable via other means. 

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Kundalini is the potent, untapped energy source – divine in nature – that lies waiting inside every human. But more importantly Kundalini also comprises the entire field of our psyche, which when activated connects us to the single over-riding element that animates our entire existence: Consciousness. So to awaken Kundalini is to tap into the full spectrum of what it means to be a living, sentient being, allowing all our untapped potential to shine forth.

Unlike the active, self-generated practices meant to ignite this energy, KAP is a transmission process. It is not an act of pursuing, but an act of receiving… it is a path of surrender, not a path of the will. While the yogi’s call this kind of energy transmission “shaktipat,” KAP is a unique blend of what has traditionally been seen as separate schools, systems, and lineages, and it’s this specific blend that makes this modality so intensely transformative and life changing.

Wherever you are on your path toward awakening, arousing and furthering your Kundalini rising is an integral part of that process… and KAP is a profound practice to assist you along the way.

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Venant Wong, the founder of KAP, is a Master energy worker and a transmission vehicle of this raw, life-force energy. He has hand-picked and initiated a select number of people he felt were sensitive enough to do this work, and now has a small but powerful network of facilitators throughout the world. Through his unique capacity to work with energy, he has imparted the ability for his facilitators to transmit this life-force energy themselves.

I am one a select few world-wide who can now
facilitate this energy transmission.

I have experienced first-hand, the transformation inherent in this process, and I have witnessed the same in others. It is not only a privilege and an honor, but my greatest desire to share this healing with the world… 

…starting with you.

During the KAP Session you lay down with your eyes closed, relax and listen to the music provided. If we’re in-person, I will touch certain chakra or meridian points on the body or sometimes I will simply hold or move my hands above or near you. If we’re online, I simply focus my attention and energy at different points on the body. That’s all that happens externally.

Internally, a wide range of phenomenon may occur, from spontaneous physical movements to emotional release, energetic sensations, lights and visuals, deep meditative states or merely a complete and overwhelming feeling of bliss.

The following are a few of the things subsequently reported by KAP participants on a regular basis:

  • increase in overall energy and loss of lethargy
  • feelings of deep, unshakable calm
  • increased motivation and less procrastination
  • stopped drinking or doing drugs
  • quit smoking
  • changed poor eating habits
  • became vegetarian or vegan
  • left unhealthy relationship
  • quit unfulfilling job
  • decrease or disappearance of compulsive behavior
  • decrease or disappearance of depressive states
  • significant increase in joy and contentment
  • physical ailments greatly minimized or disappeared
  • increased libido
  • increased compassion for self and others
  • making better decisions
  • courage to stand up for yourself
  • quitting bad habits
  • more introspection and self-awareness
  • less tolerance for drama or inauthenticity
  • deeper meditations
  • mental clarity
  • increased or new telepathy
  • experiencing more synchronicity
  • higher states of consciousness
  • states of deep bliss, joy and contentment

No, it’s not magic, but there are moments it definitely feels that way. Yes, it’s a clearing process, and sometimes that brings things to the surface you’d rather not see, feel or experience, but that must be released.

The awakening and integration of Kundalini Shakti is an ongoing, ever deepening process, and KAP is a practice to assist you in that process. It is one of the purest, most direct forms of clearing-to-heal there is.

Transmissions can effectively be given online and I offer regularly scheduled sessions.

Remote Transmissions

What began as a necessity due to the pandemic has now become a staple part of my offerings, as there still remain many people worldwide who do not have direct access to in-person KAP sessions… and I have had the pleasure of working with many of you!

Right off the bat, let me address the question that is generally in the forefront of most peoples minds when they think of long-distance energy healing:

Does it work?! And the simple answer is YES!

While the in-person sessions will always have a stronger quality via touch, and while there will always remain a small percentage of people who do not respond to the KAP energy regardless of in-person or online, most people are sensitive to it on some level, and the deeper effects of the online transmission remain very similar to the in-person sessions.

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We are incredibly fortunate to find ourselves in a time where online sessions are even an option, and the technology currently available is here to help us all understand our true interconnectivity.

For online sessions, either group or private, you must have a stable internet connection and an appropriate space in your home where you can lie undisturbed for the entirety of the session and where, through your computer camera, I can see you clearly. Sessions are done through Zoom, and you do not need to download any extra software to use the application.

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Online Class Schedule

I hold regular online group sessions 6-8 times a month as well as special Immersions and Workshops. Come join people from all over the world who are opening themselves up to the beauty of this awakening process.


Pricing –

Remote Transmissions

2hr Online Group Session – Sliding Scale $44-$66
You can see a current list of upcoming online classes here.

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I offer regular online group classes for both new and experienced KAP participants. As with the in-person sessions, there remains a small percentage of people who are not sensitive enough to the energy to feel any phenomenon, however many people still have powerful experiences during the online sessions. Pay what you can afford between $44-66.

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Initial Session$310
Subsequent Sessions– $280
Package Pricing Available
Contact me to Inquire

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 When beginning KAP, I highly recommend doing a minimum of 3 sessions in fairly close succession. Often, the first session is an “opening up” of the energy channels and it’s in subsequent sessions that the energy begins to fully flow… although people often report definitive shifts after only one session. Regardless, it’s important to know that this process has a cumulative effect, so the more you are exposed to the energy, the more powerful it becomes.

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In-Person Transmissions

{check my current location}

Initial session – $350
Subsequent sessions – $300
Package Pricing Available
Contact me to Inquire

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I highly recommend doing a minimum of 3 sessions in fairly close succession. Often, the first session is an opening up of the energy channels and it’s in subsequent sessions that the energy begins to fully flow, although people often report definitive shifts after only one session. Regardless, it’s important to know that this process has a cumulative effect, so the more you are exposed to the energy, the more powerful it becomes.

First private session is about 2 hours. Subsequent sessions are usually 1.5hrs. Sessions take place at my current location.

If you would like me to travel to you, please contact me to discuss the possibility.

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2-3 people – $175 per person
4-8 people – varies based on number of participants

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Private groups can be easily arranged. Sessions are approximately 2 hours although time and price will vary depending upon the number of participants. Please contact me to discuss details.

Please note, a travel fee applies to sessions taking place outside my immediate vicinity and will be assessed upon individual situation.

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Mentoring Sessions

Support is essential.

Whether you are someone who is just beginning their spiritual journey or you have been on this path for awhile, it can be extremely valuable to have individualized guidance and a safe, private space to process your shifting experiences as you open yourself to the KAP energy and a deeper spiritual process.

These sessions are offered in a series and are done online. They include a KAP transmission along with ample time to dive deeper into your own understanding and integration of how this energy is unfolding for you. Supportive practices will be offered where appropriate.

In conjunction with awakening kundalini energy, many questions, doubts and concerns can arise. My mentoring sessions are meant to help guide you as you find your way through this process, and to offer you my compassionate support and encouragement on what can often be a difficult journey.

I will share the knowledge and wisdom I have accrued from all the incredible teachers I’ve had over the last two decades, and I will share the divine assistance I have been given during my own awakening journey. Above all else, I will endeavor to help you discover your unique perspectives and to find your own truths.

~ let me answer any questions you might have ~



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After Receiving KAP

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