Conversations with the Sky

These days, I find that the conversations I have with the sky… with the vast life that lays hidden in the ether… is so much more compelling than the insufficient and ineffective words people often use to engage.

The deeper I allow I my body to commune with the ground below, the more she elevates and propels me toward the unseen cosmos above, who frequently ask me to let go of the body altogether, and simply dissolve into the beauty of all that is swirling in the unseen.

Yet I cannot, or will not, fully relinquish my body, because it now captivates me in such curious ways. No… not the familiar, external, physical structure that held my vision and my ego hostage for far too long.

No, what compels me now is the magical way in which my lungs meticulously cradle each and every breath… and the way my breath, in return, nourishes the subtle movement of my cells, which I feel oscillating a trillion times over. The way the hairs on my arm perk up to the energies that move through the permeability of my skin. The way my voice cultivates new and curious inflections that my vision spontaneously synchronizes to. The way my ears attune to the pitch and tone of the wind or the frogs or the sand… as if they are singing to me from within, piercing through ancient layers of dimmed down sound.

And so I continue to freely converse with the elements ~ places and spaces which most people perceive as external, because I hear their internal reply within my own being speaking louder than any words, showing me the divinity of this human experience, right here, ripe for the taking.

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