Welcome to the beginning ~ or deepening ~ of a beautiful journey.
I’m here to support you in any way I can.

The transmission of KAP energy and the opening of your kundalini is a divine process. For many, with the assistance of KAP, this process unfolds smoothly, but occasionally, as the energy moves through you in new ways and begins to clear out old blockages, discomforts can sometimes arise. In order to facilitate the smoothest process possible, I have listed some things I’ve found helpful both on my own journey as well as through the feedback of many people I’ve worked with.

Some of these items are things to simply be aware of, others are suggestions if you’re looking to actively help further your own evolution. Use your best judgement and do what feels right for you… and of course feel free to reach out with any questions along the way!

Taking Care of the Container

Your physical self is the sacred container for kundalini, and the very first, most important rule is simple: Listen to your body. The intelligence embedded in every cell of your being knows exactly what you need in this moment, so tune in and listen, even if it’s outside your normal routine. You are here to transcend, not rely on old habits.

° Food – you may have an increase or decrease in appetite, or you may fluctuate between the two. You may crave certain foods or find an aversion to things you’ve previously enjoyed. Choose wisely while honoring what the body is asking for.

If you’d like to facilitate a better and stronger flow of energy, eat as much raw, organic food as possible. The less meat, heavy, fried or processed foods, the better. Little or no alcohol will strengthen and support the nervous system, which is the primary physical interface for kundalini energy.

° Water – drink a LOT of it. It is common for people to feel somewhat dehydrated after a session or in the ensuing days. Your system in general, but with regard to spiritual energy in particular, functions best when well hydrated. The increase in energy generates a lot of electrical activity in your nervous system and well hydrated cells will create a smoother functioning of the body and an easier integration of the energies.

° Sleep and energy levels – you may find you have excessive energy or you may feel tired and lethargic, and again, you may fluctuate between the two. This is normal. It’s important to rest when you feel the need.

° Internal movement of energy – some of what you experienced in the session may resurface, or new sensations/phenomenon may also arise. This is normal, so enjoy the connection and deeper awareness of this life-force energy inside you!

If the energy becomes excessive or uncomfortable, let me know and depending upon the scenario, I can give you some suggestions, a few of which are listed below.

° Physical exercise – keeping the body strong and supple is an important factor in supporting the vital kundalini energy. Choose whatever activity suits you and feels sustainable. This can be any form of exercise and it can also be as simple as brisk walks and gentle stretching.

° Pain – while uncommon, it’s not unheard of to experience new or old pains resurfacing in the body as the energy begins to flow in new ways. Usually the pain is fleeting, but if the energy is working through deep, old issues it may stick around for awhile. Take all the precautions you would normally take, and most of all, relax as you experience this temporary state of transition.

Emotions and the Heart Space

Regardless of whether or not you had any emotions arise during the session, you may notice an increase in emotional sensitivity or the appearance of old emotion rising to the surface. Try to honor these emotions and let them move through you. Often, these are old blockages being released, and ignoring or suppressing them only creates resistance in the process.

You may notice that your interactions with people begin to change. You may become more aware of your habitual ways of reacting and whether or not those habits are really serving you in the best way possible. You may also begin to feel and understand how some relationships are not really in your best interest or supporting your spiritual growth. Approach these feelings mindfully and with self-compassion, and allow yourself to be present with whatever comes up.

People often notice an increased desire to spend time alone. This is a way for us to turn inward and integrate the subtle shifts that are happening… honor that pull, create and prioritize time for yourself.

The Mind Space

Just like we have to take care of what we put into the physical body, we need to take care with what we consume mentally. As the energy increases people often find they are naturally drawn toward more enriching, growth-oriented stimulus and spend less time engaged in mainstream media, news, social media etc. As kundalini begins to work through all of our old subconscious programming, take care in what you choose to fill your mind-space with. Find things that inspire growth in the direction you’d like to go.

In my opinion, meditation is one of the most profound gifts you can give yourself along the way. Our mind is extremely potent, and for all the work kundalini is doing to clear out old conditioning, if we are still deeply entrenched in the ongoing stories our mind creates, we will continue to create a subconscious resistance to our own growth. Meditation is an invaluable tool to help you better observe your process with objectivity, to widen your perspective and to expand your consciousness. Many people will notice an increase in their internal energies with a regular meditation practice.

There are many, many forms of meditation out there… literally something for everyone. If you normally use a guided meditation, I would suggest trying to practice meditating in silence, at least for a portion of your time. Sitting with and beginning to understand the busy nature of your own mind can bring profound shifts. That being said, in certain scenarios, such as in dealing with deep depression, this type of mediation is not the most productive. If you’re unsure, have questions or would like assistance, please let me know!

Receiving More Transmissions

There is no real right or wrong way to approach this, but generally speaking, taking at least a few days in between sessions is helpful in order for you to observe the effects or changes that arise. Depending upon the intensity of your session, some people feel that even more integration time is necessary. Others, wishing to further themselves along the path quicker, desire sessions closer together. Listen to that inner voice… the one that knows what you truly need and are ready for, not what the ego-mind desires.

Remember, this energy has a cumulative effect, so whether you receive transmissions weekly, monthly or whenever your schedule allows, the energy opens and deepens each time you receive it, creating clearer and more pronounced transformation out in the rest of your life.

If this is your first time receiving KAP, please consider at least 2 more sessions in order to better assess how this energy will unfold for you. I have seen time and again, a significant jump between first and third or fourth sessions, and people who have adopted regular KAP sessions as part of their spiritual practice report deepened and more rapid transformation.

Additional Things to Support You on Your Journey

° Engage in other spiritual endeavors you enjoy – things such as yoga, martial arts, sound healing, pranayama/breathing practices, chanting/devotional song, prayer, podcasts, videos and books on spiritual topics, self-development courses etc. Tune into what is naturally attracting you… it’s there for a reason.

° Spend time in nature – as much as possible! If you live in the city, find a park, any sort of greenery. Lay down and look at the sky, feel the breeze on your skin. Nature provides a deep connection to this process, and without fail, she will soothe, rejuvenate and harmonize you all at once.

° Creative outlets – spend time doing creative endeavors you enjoy, or try out new ones. Kundalini is the creative force of the universe, and is directly tied to our individual creativity… and this can take many, many different forms, so tap into whatever suits you. Spirituality and creativity are deeply intertwined.

° Journaling – if you’re already a journaler I don’t need to tell you how effective this can be at helping you process. But even if you’re not someone journals on a regular basis, I would encourage you to begin. This doesn’t have to be a big endeavor. You can make quick notes on a daily basis about how you’re feeling, what new or different things you’re experiencing, what of your own behavior has been different or has surprised you, what has appeared in your life etc. Note even the most subtle things. You will enjoy being able to look back at the simple things you had forgotten about, and you may very well find that they actually became a foundation for bigger shifts. It’s nice to be reminded of your own progress through your own thoughts and words.

° Body work – massage, reflexology, acupuncture or other forms of body work can be very soothing and healing if you feel the need for some self-care.

If the Energy Gets Too Intense

If you are finding that the energy is a little too intense, please reach out to me so I can hear more about what exactly you are experiencing, and can give you some specific suggestions. Meanwhile, here are a few things to help get the energy grounded:

° Eat grounding foods, such as root vegetables, pastas, nuts and seeds, fresh and organic meat (if you’re a meat eater), warm, creamy soups, whole grains and quinoa.
° Get into water. Outdoors if possible, but a warm shower or bath will do. Epsom salt baths are a favorite of mine.
° Be in nature and literally touch the earth. Walk barefoot, touch the trees, plants and dirt. Gardening is wonderful for this purpose, even if it’s just a few plants on a balcony.
° Yoga. Some simple seated or laying down poses. This is not the time for a faster-paced, invigorating practice. Slow down and sink in. Spend extra time in savasana. If you’ve never done yoga, I’d be happy to outline some basic, nourishing poses for you.
° Suspend your meditation practice. People often find that meditating increases the flow of kundalini, so if the energy intensifies too much when you meditate, wait until things calm down before resuming your practice. Conversely, people occasionally find that meditation actually calms and aligns the energetic flow… so follow what feels best in this moment in time.
° As counter-intuitive as it sounds, you might consider another KAP session. Sometimes the energy increases and then it stagnates, causing discomfort, in which case another session can be of great help to get it flowing in a more productive manner.

What’s Not Advised

Other forms of energy work… just for awhile. Initially receiving the KAP energy is a bit like planting a tiny tree… we want to protect it until it takes root and can stand strong on it’s own… therefore it’s best not to mix energies for a short while. It’s also advised to give yourself ample time for integration and to objectively assess how KAP is unfolding things for you before you add other modalities into the mix. For many, the KAP energy is very strong and other forms of energy work are simply unnecessary.

Recreational drugs are always ill-advised on the spiritual path, as they interfere with the strength of the nervous system – a key element in supporting the kundalini energy. Likewise, alcohol consumption will work against the kundalini process.

For many, conscious use of plant medicine, including cannabis and mushrooms can sometimes assist in the process of expanding your consciousness. Please be aware though, that it is advised to keep the medicinal use of psycho-active plants (including bufo) separate from the KAP modality and to not receive any KAP transmissions while you still have these plant medicines in your system.

Final Words

Begin to notice what appears in your life… people and situations that will support you on your journey. Many people begin to see synchronicities happening on a regular basis. Sometimes we are too busy to notice, but if you pay attention, you will begin to see your outer world aligning with the changes in your inner world.

Be aware that, not all of the changes which may start to unfold will feel comfortable, particularly if it involves changes in relationships (personal, family, job etc.) Kundalini brings your highest truth and integrity into alignment, clearing out all that no longer serves you and bringing in all that will assist you… and sometimes this alignment means letting go of the things in your life that are no longer in your best interest. Be gentle with yourself as these situations arise, and follow what you know is right in your heart. Your intuition, which you will become more deeply in tune with, is never wrong.

Lastly, if things become uncomfortable, frightening or confusing in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me… that’s what I’m here for. It’s important to be reassured that ultimately, this is a natural process. Kundalini is part of our human mechanism for a reason, but since we have not been conditioned to be fully (or even partially) aware of it’s potential or what that process can look like, there may be a lot of new and unfamiliar things appearing, and that alone can be disconcerting.

The path of awakening is an ongoing, ever-deepening process, and if you allow it, the KAP energy will be a great asset to you on your journey. We have ignited a process, but how you engage with it is up to you… and I am here to help.

My group class schedule is always updated and posted on this page, and I am also available for private sessions, including ongoing spiritual mentoring. I truly look forward to working with you again sometime soon.