Podcast: Behind Our Eyes

In April, I had the honor of being a guest on the podcast “Behind Our Eyes”, presented by Liane Grimshaw, where I had the opportunity to talk about my spiritual journey, some of my perspective on this path of awakening, and of course my transmissions of KAP, Cosmic Consciousness as well as the other energies I work with.

About the podcast:

“Behind Our Eyes shares the mesmerizing stories of the profound and direct spiritual experiences of older women from around the world. Conceived, created and hosted by Liane Grimshaw, an ordinary woman in her fifties from the North of England, who was compelled to do this after her own experiences changed her life forever.

As each precious conversation unfolds, Liane gently prompts the guests to share what their experiences were like, what has happened to them since, how their lives have changed, and what key insights and wisdom they have to share for the benefit of others.

These are honest, authentic and vulnerable discussions.

The intention is clearly set, for the highest good of all, that this podcast reaches and resonates with those it is meant to, in service and with love.

With the greatest appreciation for you, dear listener, and this beautiful existence we are all part of. Let’s explore and experience the divine power and wisdom that is hidden Behind Our Eyes.”

Have a listen and let me know what you think. And be sure to check out the bonus episode we did, where I give a mini-KAP transmission!

Bonus Episode: Mini KAP Transmission

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