Diving Deep on a Private Retreat

After my first group KAP retreat in May of 2021, I realized there is something very powerful happening here in Yelapa, Mexico. The already potent KAP energy is being fully supported by the palpably strong shakti/Gaia energy here, and I am witnessing such profound openings occur on a regular basis, as people receive the KAP energy while here on this land.

I will continue to run my group retreats, most likely twice a year (next one is scheduled for May 15-21, 2022), but if the group dates don’t work for you or if you just want a more personalized experience, I am offering 4 or 6 day Private Retreats as well.

I’d like to share a testimonial from my most recent 6-day Private Retreat. This is what Sara had to say:

” I just got back from a 6 day private retreat with Barbara, and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing and transformative the entire experience was. I had so many deep spiritual breakthroughs during our KAP sessions on the level of ayahuasca ceremonies. For me, in-person KAP is 30-40% more intense with the energy compared to online, so things really shift and the insights/downloads are deep. And it’s wonderful to be in-person with Barbara to talk about what I experience because she helps me integrate all of it. She is able to hold the space for me going through some really wild stuff! And as it was a private retreat, she was able to focus on just me and I felt comfortable processing personal stuff without being in a big group.

Barbara was a wonderful host throughout the entire thing, making sure I was comfortable, situated at my lodging, and had everything I needed. She took me to many awesome places: breaches, restaurants, walks, hikes, hot tub, retreat centers, local festival dances, etc. The food was delicious and affordable! The little town of Yelapa is MAGICAL and it was the perfect place to focus, integrate, and ground all of this transformational work with KAP. 10/10 would recommend. “

Enjoying a mango smoothie after our nature walk up river.

These retreats combine what I have found to be an ideal formula for exploring your spiritual depths, integrating your awakenings, and assisting your active evolution in a nurturing, supportive and beautiful space.

You can find out more about my retreat offerings here. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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