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Join people from across the globe, coming together to experience what it means to live our fullest potential on this spiritual journey.

Below are the currently scheduled group classes as well as any upcoming workshops or special events.
I offer three-four group classes per month and I usually hold a KAP Intensive Workshop every 6-8 weeks.
Check back often, as I add new classes on a regular basis.

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“Alchemy” – Transformation Retreat in Mexico

May 12-18, 2024

Looking for something more personalized? I hold private 1:1 retreats as well!
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This week-long retreat will take you deep into the furthest depths of who you are… mind, body and spirit. You will be…

…immersed in the potent KAP energies
…enchanted by the magic of nature
…supported by yoga, meditation and bodywork
…nourished by organic, gourmet vegetarian foods, and
…held with the utmost compassion, guidance and care

While the regular KAP sessions have the ability to transform all on their own, there is something sacred that happens when we consciously step into the space of a retreat. It is in this intentional place where we find a deeper surrender to the divine within.

This week-long retreat will be held in the quiet and secluded beauty of Yelapa, Mexico on one of the most pristine spots in the region. Taking place at the Pura Vida Retreat Center, your well-being as we move through this transformation is the highest priority for both myself and the support staff at Pura Vida. 

For full details including pricing, accommodations and retreat specifics, please visit the Retreat Page.

May 12-18, 2024

“Spiritual Alchemy Energy Immersion Retreat”

November 9-16, 2024

Rishikesh is a place of spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of people every year. It is one of the holiest cities in India, located on the banks of the sacred Ganga river, and a place I return to over and over again to deeper my own connection with these profound, ancient energies.

And now, the time has come to take a group of dedicated seekers to this mystical land, where together we will explore the depths of our spiritual nature through the lens only Mother India can provide.

During the retreat:
  • We will dive deep into the energy work, tapping into and finding a strong connection to the tangible energies of this sacred land.
  • We will go on engaging excursions for both spiritual inspiration and pure enjoyment.
  • We will take part in ancient rituals along the banks of these holy waters.
  • We will eat delicious local cuisine.
  • We will explore, rest, integrate and expand our souls in a way that only Mother India can facilitate.
Space is limited and this retreat will unquestionably sell out!

For full details including pricing, accommodations and retreat specifics, please visit the Retreat Page.

Ready to embark on this magnificent journey?

Energy Intensive

half-day workshop

Upcoming Date:
Sunday January 21, 9am Pacific

These Intensives are a way for you to take the exploration of kundalini and the expansion of consciousness to a deeper level.

The catalyst of the workshop is the combination of an EXTENDED KAP transmission followed by the transmission of cosmic states of consciousness.

This prolonged exposure to the KAP energy is an accelerant to the kundalini process, and it’s this extended transmission time paired with an intentional exploration of consciousness that can induce more pronounced transformation. Most people report profound shifts after these workshops.

Please join me for this powerful intensive, where we will create a space to allow for a deeper surrender to the KAP process and open ourselves up further to this inner-exploration.

The event will include:

  • An extended KAP Session (90 minutes)
  • Transmission of Cosmic Consciousness & Light Language
  • Sharing, Guidance, Discussion, Questions

Cost: Sliding Scale $122-$155

The event will be approximately 3hrs, but could go longer depending upon the number of participants. Please allow for enough time to participate in the entire session. 

Weekly Online Group KAP Sessions

During the transmission, you simply lie down with your eyes closed, relax fully and listen to the music provided. I will focus on each participant individually and transmit the energy to you, and together we create a strong, healing field of KAP energy. The online sessions are a viable means of energy transmission and many people report profound experiences having only ever received online transmissions.

Outline of Group KAP Session:

  • explanation of the KAP modality; questions and answers
  • technical set up
  • the KAP energy transmission
  • sharing experiences; questions and answers; recommendations

The class fee is a sliding scale of $44-66. By generously paying what you can afford within this range, you help keep this modality accessible to all.

For first time KAP Participants, the session will begin 30 minutes prior to the start time listed below.


In-Person Group Sessions

Yelapa – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sessions will take place in Yelapa, Mexico – a beautiful, small coastal town 45 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. The timing of the sessions works with the boat schedule and enables you to come from Puerto Vallarta and return on the same day.

Upcoming Sessions:

Friday February 9
Sunday February 18
Friday March 22
Friday April 5
Friday April 19

Casa Isabel, Yelapa
500 pesos

Space, mats and blankets are limited and a confirmed RSVP is highly recommended.
WhatsApp +1-415-309-3115 or contact me here