Entering the Mystical

This is mystical work. 

Then again, this is a mystical world. 

And it’s ok if you don’t understand it. To be honest, often times, I don’t really understand it either. 

But what I ask if you is that you allow yourself the grace of stepping into the unknown. To entertain possibilities you couldn’t or wouldn’t ordinarily entertain.

To allow space for miracles. 

Little miracles that, to the outside eye may not look like much, but to the person experiencing them, change life as they know it.  

My higher directive over the last few months has been very specific and very clear:

Let go of the questions. 

Let go of the answers. 

Let go of trying to understand. 

Let go of any need to conceptualize, context, compartmentalize or contain. 


Because in my life, new experiences, new wonders and new gifts are arriving daily.

And the more I simply allow these particular manifestations of the universe to just flow through me without questioning their meaning, without creating any resistance through the complications of the mind… 

…the more the universe blossoms in my heart and manifests through my hands, enabling me to give back something deeply and profoundly special. 

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