What Does Your Lens Look Like?

You alone, can be the perpetuator of the storm around you, OR, you can be your own lighthouse.

When you focus on the negative things around you, more and more negativity appears in your field of awareness.And of course, when you focus on the positive things around you, more of that naturally appears too.

Does that take away all the tragedies of the world? The death, the pain, the suffering, the injustice? No, it does not. But it changes your engagement with it and your response to it. And this alone, is what every spiritual teaching you’ve ever come across tells you:You create your own reality… your own perception of how you see the world.

Not through a magic wand, where suddenly everything as you know it is totally and inexplicably different.

But, kind of…

Because once you change the lens through which you view the world, the world looks different. Period.

What you focus on actually changes the very thing you are focusing on… and it also alters you, the one doing the focusing.

Read that again.

This is not just spiritual lingo, it’s science. Quantum physics. It is the very nature of how the entire universe operates.

One of the reasons I love the work I do so much, is that the frequencies of the universe are readily available to align our systems in such a way, that our perceptions and our innate awareness of self and the world around us, naturally begin to shift.

I’m not saying this energy work will give you all the answers. In fact, it will probably raise many more questions.

But that is the point. The questioning. The self-inquiry. The deep desire to understand this existence. Your existence. How it all works, and WHY.

If you keep digging deep enough, at some point the utter chaos, the confusion, the incomprehension…somewhere amidst all that, a certain sort of resonance begins to appear. A certain knowing, one that reaches well beyond our logic, begins to materialize, and you find that amidst all the nonsense, everything begins to make a perfect sort of sense.

But the thing is, reading these words doesn’t take you a whole lot closer. It opens some map in the mind and it points you in a certain direction. But the only way to “get there” is for you to take the actual steps.

You must formulate your own questions and come to your own conclusions, your own epiphanies and your own realizations.You must choose to shift your own perception, and in my experience, this energy work is a powerful assist in helping you do so, because it bypasses the conscious, logical mind, which is where most of us get hung up in the first place.

Because the answers don’t reside in the mind. They reside in the intelligence of your body and the intuitive nature of your heart.

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