Don’t Take My Word For It!

Upcoming KAP Retreat in Mexico

I know you’ve heard me speak about the transformation of KAP, and so many of you have experienced this energy’s growth-provoking changes for yourself.

Likewise, since my initial KAP retreat in May, I’ve relayed how much spiritual and personal evolution occurred for each and every retreat participant... even those whose only previous KAP experience was with the 3 pre-retreat sessions.

It has been incredibly inspiring to continue hearing how the transformation keeps unfolding in these ensuing weeks, and to see the deep connections made during the retreat continue to flourish.

But I also know that nothing speaks louder than direct testimonials from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. So I thought I would share some of those heart-felt words with you here.

Below are just a few of the responses I had to the May retreat. Real talk from beautiful souls sharing about their incredible journey.

from Emily B:

“How does one even put into words how KAP changes your life?! I went on a retreat in Yelapa randomly knowing nothing about Kundalini Activation Process, and it was the single most transformative experience of my life to this point. I have been wiped clean and reignited!! There is no way to thank Barbara enough for holding the ideal space for this transformation. Her specific transmission is all-encompassing, kind, gentle, and undeniably genuine. She creates a container of peace and love that is indescribable.. and it must be experienced to fully understand the impact that this practice has on one’s life. I am forever thankful to Barbara for living her truth and sharing her magic with the world.”

from Dave B

“I attended Barbara‘s KAP transformational retreat in Yelapa Mexico May 2021 as an energy-work newbie. I was truly amazed by the experience. Within the container of a tropical paradise and surrounded by 12 beautiful souls we were each able to discover our own inner energy and release it. For me it unlocked an insane amount of creativity. A truly liberating experience. Barbara seamlessly created a week that perfectly blended yoga and meditation and KAP with fun excursions and healthy food and forging friendships. Barbara weaved a thematic tapestry of magic. I will not spoil her surprises but trust me when I say Disney world is no longer the most magical place on earth. That place is at a Barbara Blum KAP retreat.”

from Alejandra M

“I don’t know how to fully express what Barbara’s retreat did for me, it was for sure a life changing experience, much more than I could have expected, and I will always be in debt with her for holding such a beautiful container for all the amazing souls that showed up at the Alchemy retreat in Yelapa (Mexico). Besides being an amazing yoga and meditation teacher, she is an incredible vehicle as a KAP Facilitator, where her unconditional love is felt in every session she holds, making you feel secure, relaxed and helping you peel off the unnecessary layers of the self that no longer serve you in order to become the best healed version of yourself. She gave me the love and confidence I needed to open myself, and I couldn’t have done it without out her. Barbara is a kind spirit with a beautiful gentle soul, thoughtful, loving and patient. Someone who makes of this experience something really unique, taking care of every single detail along the way, in order to have the best experience. I would totally recommend her as a KAP Facilitator, yoga or meditation teacher and even as a life counselor. She goes the extra mile for the transformation to be completely worth it, and I would totally repeat my experience with her. Thank you Barbara once again for giving me the space I needed to grow.”

from Andrea M

“The most transformative experience I’ve ever had! It brought so much clarity, so much abundance and HEALING into my life, Barbara is an extraordinary, embodied being, the way she holds space for you to feel what you are meant to feel is amazing. I am in a completely different place in my journey, I feel so open and grateful for everything I have. The experience made me feel grounded and for the first time in my life, and I feel safe within my own vessel no matter where I go. It’s almost impossible to describe since words don’t do it justice. You have to experience it for yourself.”

from Tamara O

“I loved every minute of the KAP Yelapa retreat, it was beyond my wildest expectations. Barbara is such a divine KAP facilitator and thoughtful person. She brought so much kindness, support, laughter, attention to detail, wisdom and magic to our trip. We were all brought to tears with how connected our souls became over the retreat week. The only disappointing thing is that we eventually had to go home. I just can’t wait for the next one. For those of you who haven’t been on a retreat with Barbara, expect pure magic.”

It would be a pleasure and an honor to have you along for the next round of Alchemy this November ♥︎

For more information please visit the Retreat Page, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! I look forward to working with you soon!

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