On Becoming a KAP Facilitator

I get regular inquiries about the process of becoming a KAP Facilitator and whether or not I offer trainings.

At this time, I do not offer any trainings on becoming a facilitator nor is it my intention to do so. My current life-path is to facilitate the expansion of energy and consciousness in others through my work, and to assist people on their path of self-realization so they may go deeper into discovering their own truths with clarity and grace.

At present, there are many new modalities out there that deal with the opening of kundalini energy, and subsequently, there are many people offering trainings to become facilitators of these modalities. Please keep in mind:

Training through KAP Academy and Venant Wongs appointed team of facilitators is the only way to become an accredited KAP Facilitator.

Any other types of kundalini-energy facilitator trainings may, in fact, assist you in being able to facilitate some sort of energy transmission, but these are not KAP initiations nor will you be transmitting the KAP energies as a result of these trainings. 

This is in no way a judgement on the validity of any other trainings, and you may very well be called toward them! I simply want you to be aware that the KAP training and subsequent accreditation through Venant is very specific. Please do not be confused by other programs using similar terminology.

If you would like to become an accredited KAP Facilitator,
you must apply directly with Venant through his website, which is listed below.

Please keep in mind:

He is looking for only the most sensitive people to be a part of his KAP network. Energetically, part of what he is looking for are people whose natural response to the energy includes uncontrolled, involuntary movement.

As you have heard me explain in classes, not everyone moves like this while receiving transmissions! Yet a vast number of people still have profound shifts, openings and transformation in their lives as a result of receiving the energy. However, there is a certain energetic quality that creates these kriyas and this quality is part of what Venant is looking for in his facilitators.

If you are sensitive in this particular way and would like to apply, you will be required to have a minimum of 5 sessions (in person or online) in order to understand the modality and your response to it. Then, if you decide to proceed, you will be required to submit 2 videos:

  • One video explaining why you’d like to become a facilitator
  • One video of you receiving the KAP transmission, filmed by a facilitator during a session, so he can assess what is happening energetically.

I am happy to assist you with this if you have attended my sessions and if I think you would be a good fit due to a natural sensitivity to the work. Venant will reach out to me for the required recommendation when and if your initial application is accepted.

There is often a wait list for his Level 1 Facilitator Trainings, however you may still apply and if accepted, will be put on the wait list.

Venant has a limited number of trainings each year. All trainings and dates are listed on his website and this will be your most up to date and accurate source for information.

To apply or for more information about Venant, please visit his website:

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  1. Myra Marie Teruya
    April 5, 2023

    Hello I want to know when is the next KAP training In 2023 I am coming from Okinawa Japan

    1. barbara blum
      April 7, 2023

      Hello Myra! Please refer to the KAP Academy website for that information:

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