Deepening Discernment


This endeavor is at the root of the yogic and many other ancient practices. To practice discernment one must be so tuned in, so aware of your body, your breath, your mind – at every moment – that you are able to accurately assess what, if anything, is actually needed in any given moment. 

Why is this so important?

It’s crucial for our mental, physical and emotional well-being that we stop running on auto pilot. That we stop letting ourselves be compulsively led by our unconscious habit pattens. 

Much of life is led by old thoughts, behaviors or even inactions that no longer serve us, or worse, facilitate to our detriment. 

If you’ve spent any time working with me in any capacity, this is a theme you are familiar with because it’s one I talk about often. 

The perpetual contrast of – 

  • •effort and ease
  • •strength and softness
  • •intention and surrender

And in the recognition of these oppositional forces, it is our job to get quiet enough, still enough and curious enough to discern the true quality of our current state.

And then, to discern our most desired state – the one the soul is asking for, not the one the ego is tugging on.

And only then, can we listen with deep reverence, deep discernment, which thought, word or deed will take us there with the least possible resistance. 

And this is not always easy. It takes practice and vigilance. 

But within us lies a powerful navigation system… one that ties together all the seemingly separate parts of body, heart and mind… 

And that is our spiritual-energetic system. 

Increasing and empowering your life force is to increase your sensitivity to LIFE ~ and when that happens, clarity is the natural by-product. 

Clarity, inner guidance and discernment with ease.

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