Surrender Your Stress


an online program designed to enhance your well-being

What You’ll Learn:

  • Comprehensive information on how stress works in the nervous system and how the brain controls this environment
  • Breathing practices that physically discharge the stress from your body and mind
  • A comprehensive understanding of how the mind plays a part in keeping stress alive and how to begin releasing those habitual mind-patterns
  • A variety of easy, do-able meditation practices and an understanding of how these practices physiologically and positively alter our experience of stress
  • How to work through common barriers and set yourself up for long-term success

This is not a movement-based program and is accessible to anyone regardless of physical ability.

Each Lesson Contains:

  • Preparations to set you up for success
  • A written discourse of the lesson
  • A video going deeper into the teachings
  • 2-3 Audios for you to practice along with
  • Suggestions on how to make the most out of that particular lesson
  • Auxiliary practices to help support you and keep you engaged

Lessons are progressive… each one building on the understanding of the previous lesson with practices that also build upon one another. Lessons arrive all at once via email, enabling you to move forward at your own pace.


By gaining an understanding of exactly what is going on inside you when you are stressed, you can then begin to approach things differently. Knowledge is power. The practices themselves are time-tested in the East and are supported by science in the West, and with daily attention to them, you are bound to see life become less stressful. That is the inherent nature of these practices. Less stress means a happier, healthier life.

Cost: $50

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Barbara Blum is a
500hr Registered Yoga Instructor, Certified Meditation Instructor and
International KAP (Kundalini Activation Process) Facilitator
living and teaching in San Francisco, California
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