Spiritual Alchemy Energy Immersion

Rishikesh, India
November 9-16, 2024

Waiver and Release of Liability

By signing this Waiver & Release of Liability and these Terms of Agreements and/or by making a payment,  I hereby acknowledge that I have been and am currently being advised of the contents and general outline of this Energy Immersion Retreat and of my stay at Antalya Hotel & Retreat Center, as described on the websites barbarablum.com and antalyahotels.in, by inquiring directly with the retreat host, Barbara Blum, and/or by way of this document.

I have been and am currently being advised that the retreat includes deep energy work along with other potential modalities such as yoga, meditation and breathing practices, all as part of a spiritual and personal transformation process. As a previous recipient of the KAP modality I have read through the general Informed Consent and Release of Liability specific to KAP and/or similar energy work, and if needed, I may revisit that information here

I understand that I accept full responsibility for my healing, spiritual growth and participation in this retreat. 

I further understand that KAP: Kundalini Activation Process, Transmissions of Cosmic Consciousness, yoga, breathing practices, meditation and any other form of alternative healing should not be construed as a substitute for medical/psychiatric examination, diagnosis or treatment, and that I should see a physician or other qualified medical specialist for any mental, psychological or physical ailment or condition that I am aware of or concerned about. I freely enter into all activities at my own risk and with full responsibility. 

I expressly and voluntarily waive and release facilitator Barbara Blum, her assistants and/or helpers, and/or Antalya Hotel & Retreat Center, its owners, agents, employees and assigns, from any and all liability for any claims, demands, and/or actions of any kind, including but not limited to, personal injury and/or property damage that may occur as a result of or in the course of my retreat and/or arising out of the use of the lodging premises. 

I further agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Barbara Blum, her assistants and/or helpers and/or Antalya Hotel & Retreat Center, and its owners, agents, employees and assigns, from any and all claims, actions or demands by any other party or individual which may arise out of or result from my participation in any retreat activities. 

I hereby warrant and represent that I am in good enough health and have no physical condition or disability which would be aggravated by or give rise to risk of harm to me by my participation in any retreat activities, and any potential issue or questions about my ability to participate have been discussed with host, Barbara Blum, prior to making my commitment.

The services provided are intended to enhance my own innate wisdom in order to heal myself and to further my understanding of my spiritual being. As it is recognized that the source of all healing lives within me, Barbara Blum and any associated assistance and/or practitioners are here to support and assist that which is already whole, vital and in balance. 

I further understand that with my deposit and by signing this agreement I fully commit to complete the retreat, and if I decide to leave or cancel before the term of this agreement or the completion of the retreat, or if some situation arises where I feel I no longer wish to participate, I waive my right to receive any refund or transfer of credit. 

Any physical, mental or emotional difficulty that may arise during the retreat will be held in the utmost sanctity, and Barbara Blum, any of her support staff as well as the staff at Antalya will assist you to the best of their capacity in moving through this difficulty with greater ease so you may complete your stay.

I also commit to speaking directly with Barbara Blum about any issue or concern that may arise before seeking assistance and/or resolution through other persons or avenues.

PLEASE NOTE: Part of this retreat may be filmed and recorded for future use as well as promotional purposes. Please speak with the host if you have questions or concerns.

Payment and Terms of Agreement

Please read through these terms carefully.
They are non-negotiable.

  1. Your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  2. Upon reserving a spot with your deposit, you will receive a request for full payment.
    1. This payment is due within 20 weeks of the request OR 10 weeks prior to the start of the retreat (August 31, 2024)  – whichever date comes first.
    2. Payment not received within this time frame is subject to reservation cancellation by the host and loss of deposit.
  3. Reservations made within 10 weeks of the retreat date (on or after August 31, 2024) require full payment upon booking.
    1. Upon reservation with your non-refundable deposit, you will be invoiced for the full balance due.
    2. Payment not received within 48 hours of this request is subject to reservation cancellation and loss of deposit.
  4. Cancellation policy after full payment has been received:
    1. Cancellations made prior to September 28, 2024 (6 weeks before the retreat) will receive a 50% refund.
    2. Cancellations made between September 29, 2024 and October 19, 2024 (3-6 weeks before the retreat) will receive a 25% refund
    3. Cancellations made after October 19, 2024 (less than 3 weeks before the retreat) are non-refundable.
    4. Any non-refunded portions retained by the host are non-transferrable.
    5. Refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process and complete.
  5. All bookings are slated as a double occupancy unless specifically arranged with the host as a single-occupancy. Single occupancy rooms are based upon availability and will incur an additional upgrade fee of $650.
  6. All double-occupancies will be fulfilled to the best of the host’s ability, however, if the second space cannot be filled, you will be responsible for the single occupancy upgrade fee.
  7. The host reserves the right to increase or decrease the price of the retreat at any time. This will not affect or alter the advertised price you have agreed to pay at the time of your reservation.
  8. You are strongly encouraged to purchase travel/cancellation insurance to cover any illness, injury or other emergency or situation that may prevent you from attending the retreat after booking.
    1. We strongly recommend that you purchase a policy that includes a “cancel for any reason” rider option. 
    2. Typically, trip insurance must be purchased the same time you register for the retreat in order to be valid.