Meditation is both a practice and a state;
it is both a science and an art.

We practice meditation to reach the meditative state. Through our practice, the science of our biology begins to alter, enabling us to experiment with the art of just being.

It is in this state of being, when we’ve moved away from thinking and immersed ourselves in feeling, that we find our deepest intuition speaking to us. It is in this silent, sacred space, that we tap into our deep well of knowing -that intuitive source of wisdom embedded inside each and every one of us that has nothing to do with our intellect.

It is here, that all of our answers softly appear.

While there are countless different meditation techniques, there are two generalized schools of approach:

∙ Vipassana, which translates into “insight” and is often referred to in modern terms as Mindfulness. This practice stems primarily from the Buddhist tradition.

∙ Samatha, which translates into “concentration” and stems primarily from the Yogic tradition.

Historically these practices have evolved from different lineages but they share similar roots, and as one advances in their practice, an overlap becomes apparent. I integrate both practices into my teaching, as I find them to be compatible and complementary to one another, particularly for those just beginning their quest toward inner peace, growth, and happiness through meditation.  


Enjoy this free 7-minute mindfulness practice. It is an excerpt and one of the various meditations taken from the “Surrender Your Stress” program. See below for more information.



I offer Private ongoing or single sessions for those who have some experience with meditation but would like to go deeper in their practice and understanding.

Single Session (25 minutes), $50


I am available to teach in corporate environments, work settings or private groups and can customize the practice to your needs. Sessions can be ongoing or series-based. Please contact me for inquiries.


As with the yoga practice, getting started with meditation can seem fairly daunting if you have no idea how to begin. While group settings can be a great inspiration and support, having some one-on-one attention, in the beginning, can be very beneficial toward creating a strong, sustainable foundation.

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If you’ve ever uttered the words “I can’t meditate” or “my mind is just too busy” or, if you’d simply like help understanding technique or motivation to get started, then you are the perfect candidate for this Introduction to Meditation package.

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, I will get you started

and give you the tools to help you stay committed to this transformative practice. 

Over the course of 4 sessions we will:

  • Go over your specific goals and I will give you information that can assist your understanding and support you toward those goals.
  • Find the optimal meditation position for you. When meditating, one position does not fit all! Finding what works for your body will be a huge asset in helping you sustain a rewarding practice.
  • Work on meditation techniques that have been effectively practiced in India for thousands of year
  • Teach you auxiliary practices which will both enhance your meditation and help keep you engaged.
  • Create specific practices for you to help you find a routine and get the most out of your future meditations.

Sessions will happen weekly over a 4-week period and will be approximately 40 minutes.

Are you outside of San Francisco? While I would love to work with you in person, that isn’t always an option, and our lessons can easily and effectively be conducted online.

Beginners Series (4-40 minute sessions), $250

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an online program designed to enhance your well-being


Meditation is one of the foundational practices in cultivating a deep and steady state of well-being. While this program is targeted toward those encountering stress in their day to day life, the program is also appropriate for anyone wanting to understand the interconnected workings of the body and mind on a deeper level, and who would like to start cultivating a regular meditation practice.