The Transmission of Energy

Energy Work. Even for those of us DOING this work, there is so much that remains shrouded in mystery.

Science has begun to understand to a large degree that the entire universe is, at its core, nothing but energy… even the things in this universe science cannot yet explain. From the smallest molecule to the movement of the entire cosmos, energy is the propellent that makes it all work. And science has long understood that no form of energy itself ever ceases to exist… it merely moves from one manifestation to another. This is the perpetual motion of all life.

From a spiritual perspective, no matter the lineage or the teachings, there is an intrinsic understanding that our internal energy system – the subtle energy body – is the foundation for all of the workings of the human mechanism… not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. And it is this internal energy system that also facilitates our connection to the external energy that surrounds us… the energy of others, of nature, of creation at large… including our connection to god, spirit, source… however you like to context it.

At its core, this interconnectivity of energy is why I can be situated in one part of the world, set an intention to transmit energy in specific way, and then have it reach you no matter where you’re located. And this ability to transmit energy from afar, although long understood by spiritual adepts, has in the last century been understood through the science of quantum mechanics, which shows us that neither time nor space impacts the interconnectivity of all energetic streams, and that intention and attention are fundamental to how energy behaves.

And yet… this can all still feel so incredibly difficult to understand because our human mind has not been conditioned to fully understand this invisible force, even though it is a fundamental aspect of all life.

The beauty of energy work, however, is that you absolutely do NOT need to understand it on an intellectual level. This realm is an experiential one, not a mental one. You understand not HOW the energy works, but simply that it DOES… and you understand this because of what you experience – during the transmissions themselves, but more importantly because of what you see unfolding in your life as a result of the transmissions.

As many of you know, I have been working for the last couple of years with KAP – Kundalini Activation Process… a profoundly transformative energy transmission which activates the primordial energy system within: kundalini. And I can safely say that I will continue to offer this particular energy work because the transformation I see it bringing others keeps me in a perpetual state of gratitude and awe.

But as life continues to evolve, and I along with it, I have taken the opportunity over this last year to do some profound inner work with an incredible mentor – world renowned channel and healer Asil Toksal – and this work has led to an initiation enabling me to transmit another profound stream of energy… one that I refer to as a High Frequency Energy Alignment. This energy originates from the Celestial realm… one of the highest realms of consciousness available to the human plane. 

This energy is divine in nature, it is healing, and it is available to assist you on your human journey toward wholeness. It is an energy that has infused itself into all aspects of my life, my work and my being, and it has brought me great joy to see the positive ways in which it has facilitated my own growth, expanded my potential and assisted me in helping others.

The particular transmission I’m sharing here is led by these Celestial guides, but because my kundalini transmission is, at this point, deeply embedded in my own system, there will inevitably be some of that coming through as well. But to be clear, this is not a KAP transmission.

And so, through the video above, I offer this healing energy transmission to you, and my only ask is that you let go of any mental constructs around which energy is doing what. The only relevance is what you feel and experience in your own body and mind. 

To this end, I invite you to carve out the full time – about 20 minutes – to sit or lay comfortably, close your eyes and while listening to the video above, simply observe what arises within.

I wish you abundant peace and love on your journey.


ps… do feel free to let me know about your experience!

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