Kundalini’s Integration with the West

Kundalini has been an accepted part of the human-spiritual inter-connectivity for time immemorial, and yet here in the West we’ve barely scratched the surface in trying to understand this built-in part of the human mechanism.

From my perspective however, this is changing at a rapid pace. People are embracing the idea that there is more to life than meets the eye… more to this body and mind than meets the eye. The esoteric is becoming mainstream. Why? Because it’s time for things to change… and all the great thinkers will tell you the same thing:

Changes comes from within.

This video is a wonderful talk given by Marjorie Woollacott, PhD, who also happens to be a life-long meditator. Her deep understanding of both the Eastern teachings and the Western schools of thought provide a clear understanding that while still not moving as quickly as many of us would like, the integration of kundalini and the whole subtle-energy body system in general, is starting to carve out it’s recognition in the Western world.

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