KAP During a Time of Global Crisis

To say we are in a state of global crisis is definitely not an understatement. And yet, I truly believe that the fear produced from all the hype is as much of a threat as the Covid-19 virus itself. There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence to show that fear and stress are the NUMBER ONE factors which compromises the immune system – and this virus feeds on a weak immune system! That being said, we must also be cautious and intentional about how we proceed in the coming weeks and months, since the landscape here continues to change from day to day.

I believe whole-heartedly, that the KAP modality (as well as a regular yoga and meditation practice) remains hugely beneficial on so many fronts. Of course I won’t pretend that KAP is going to prevent a viral infection… but it IS having a direct effect on your nervous system which has a direct link to the immune system, upgrading both and strengthening your entire system overall.

For most of us, KAP also produces a discernible presence of CALMNESS and CLARITY, which is absolutely invaluable in dealing with situations like we now find ourselves in. It also helps us tap into deeper, unacknowledged emotions like fear, both personal and collective, in order to help process them out as opposed to letting them unconsciously dictate our actions and reactions… and as you have noticed, people are in a very reactionary state right now.

For the time being, I am suspending community KAP classes. However, in order to make KAP more accessible during this time, I have decided to offer a reduced rate for my private sessions as well as my online sessions until this situation calms down a bit… which I truly believe it will soon.

One-on-one sessions will be done in my private space in San Francisco, and while an in-person session is always going to be stronger, this energy transmission can also be done online!! Particularly if you have already been KAP’d, but that isn’t necessary.

While the idea of long-distance energy transfer might be difficult for the logical mind to comprehend, the science of quantum physics shows us that the characteristics of energy are bound by neither space nor time. With this in mind, receiving the KAP transmission from a distance is entirely possible, assisted by use of modern technology.

I have been on the receiving end of transmissions and I have also been successfully transmitting this energy online with tangible and discernible results. All you need is a stable internet connection and an appropriate space in your home where you can lie undisturbed for the entirety of the session and where, through your computer camera, I can see you clearly.

Current Offerings:
Private sessions are regularly priced at: $200 per session – NOW $150 per session
$500 for 3 sessions – NOW $350 for 3
Online sessions are regularly priced at: $300 for 3 sessions – NOW $200 for 3

PLEASE reach out to me with any questions you might have. Like all the other scares that come and go, this too shall pass. In the meantime, let’s prioritize some compassionate self-care, and support each other as best we can. I’m here to help you in any way I’m able.

With love,


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