Saying Goodbye to 2019 with Yoga

The end of 2019 finds me spending my last few days in the Philippines. I’m at one of the most wonderful and nurturing places to date – a retreat center in Palawan called Bahay Kalipay.

The premise here is holistic healing and cleansing through raw food, holistic detoxification, yoga, energy work and various other movement modalities, and I have enjoyed every second of it… learning new ways to explore movement and finding a broader and deeper experiential understanding of just how much we hold old emotion and memory in our cellular makeup. Together with the naturally healing and detoxifying diet of raw food (done exquisitely well, I might add) just brings it all to a whole new level… which was exactly what I was hoping for when I booked my two weeks here. Mission accomplished!

I feel so honored that with every new place I land where yoga has been offered, I’ve had the opportunity to teach along with simply enjoying my time as a student, but this teaching experience was really special. With a beautiful open-air studio space, we take class with the sun slowly rising, the breeze blowing and a magnificent orchestra of birds accompanying us. Add an amazing group of beautiful, kind, like-minded people, all on their own journey toward wholeness, and well… it just doesn’t get any better.

I really have no complaints about 2019, as I’ve been blessed with wonderful and committed yoga students, I became a KAP facilitator which was and continues to be incredibly profound, and I’ve spent the last five months of the year traveling far and wide exploring all that nurtures and heals the soul. So for me, this past year was one of beauty despite any challenges that inevitably arose.

That being said, I’m incredibly excited about the new decade ahead. I have a really good feeling about you, 2020! Wishing you nothing but love, health and happiness in the new year and beyond.



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