In The Flow

What does it mean to be “In the flow?” Most of us have used this term at some point in our life, and even if we couldn’t articulate exactly what “the flow” was, we definitely knew when we were in it. We felt clear in our purpose. We felt an incredible sense of ease in our endeavor. Ideas and executions were seamless. We felt a deep contentment coupled with an undeniable excitement of the soul. We felt vibrant, valuable and clear. 

This feeling is the result of being in complete alignment with the energy of the cosmos. It sounds esoteric and a little far-fetched, and yet if you observe the natural world you see there is a distinct order to all of life. The natural world, no matter how chaotic it looks from the outside, is working in perfect symbiosis… plants grow exactly as they are supposed to, animals feed on exactly what they are supposed to, the weather provides exactly what it’s supposed to… all of it works together in perfect harmony. And you are a part of that natural order, just slightly more complicated. 

When kundalini, your individual life-force energy is open and flowing, you align with the greater order of things. And it feels so damn good because alignment is the inherent nature of the universe. Alignment inherently produces harmony and ease, and allows life to move with fluidity, whereas misalignment creates resistance, friction and discomfort. 

This alignment is the purpose of an awakened kundalini. This untapped universal energy inside of us is waiting to align us with the flow of the universe. It’s waiting to clear your path mentally, physically and emotionally. That is it’s nature. This is not theory. It’s not myth. It’s not imagination, wishful thinking or new-age fabrication. It’s nature. It’s part of the human evolutionary process. Cultures around the globe have understood this for millennia, but somewhere along the line our culture lost this invaluable connection… and the state of the world we live in reflects that loss.  

As humans, it is in our nature to want to expand. Wherever we are, whatever we have, we inherently want something more. At some point in your life, you realize that the more you try to fill that innate need for expansion with external things, the less satisfied you become. And eventually, your quest is bound to take you inward, because by nature, that is where the key to all your fulfillment lies.

Kundalini is the gateway to the flow, and it is the flow itself. It is your inner alignment wanting and waiting to align you with the greater flow of the universe. She is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? 

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