So How Can Kundalini Activation Process Help Me?

Since completing my KAP Facilitator Training I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working on many different people from all walks of life, and they all come to this modality seeking different things. Some people are looking for changes to troublesome behaviors, some want relief from physical or emotional discomfort, some are wanting to deepen their spiritual path, and others are simply looking to experience something new and different from the ordinary way they perceive the world. Whatever the initial allure, this energy work has a way of drawing in the people who desire deeper levels of healing, whether they are aware of it or not. 

These last couple months have been absolutely mind-blowing for so many reasons, and although so much healing has already happened, I continue to find new layers of myself appearing. With each new layer there is so much clarity, lightness and joy… and the synchronicity’s just keep coming, reminding me (as if I needed it!) that I am on the exact path I am supposed to be on… and this modality is definitely forging the way toward deeper truths.

Clearly, yoga and meditation are key elements in my life, and while KAP is, at it’s essence, in alignment with the yogic teachings, the methodology is unique unto itself, and absolutely no knowledge (or even interest) in the yogic realm is required to benefit. KAP is a profound healing modality that I feel so compelled to share with everyone I know, because it has transformed me, along with so many others, in such powerful and beautiful ways.

The following are a few of the things reported by KAP participants on a regular basis:

  • increase in overall energy and loss of lethargy
  • increased motivation
  • less procrastination
  • stopped drinking or doing drugs
  • became vegetarian or vegan
  • left unhealthy relationship
  • quit unfulfilling job
  • decrease or disappearance of compulsive behavior
  • decrease or disappearance of depressive states
  • significant increase in joy and contentment
  • physical ailments greatly minimized or disappeared
  • increased libido
  • increased compassion for self and others
  • making better decisions
  • courage to stand up for yourself
  • quitting bad habits
  • more introspection and self-awareness
  • less tolerance for drama or inauthenticity
  • deeper meditations
  • mental clarity
  • increased or new telepathy
  • experiencing more synchronicity
  • higher states of consciousness
  • states of pure bliss

No, it’s not magic, but there are moments it definitely feels that way. Yes, it’s a clearing process, and sometimes that brings things to the surface you’d rather not see, feel or experience. But this modality is the purest, most direct form of clearing-to-heal there is.

Maybe it’s time to find out what KAP can do for you.

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