Welcome to my little corner of the web. Whether you are a seasoned yoga practitioner, a newbie to the practice or someone who has no idea what this is all about, I hope you will take some time to look around, discover something new and leave this domain a bit more inspired than when you came.

The main priority in my life right now is walking the path of personal evolution and finding deeper connectivity to something bigger and better than the simplicity of self. I believe in the universal symbiosis and ultimate intertwining of all things… that we are all somehow, some way, inextricably woven together in this intricate fabric of life. And while I have not yet found all the answers to the universe (but I’m working on it!) I believe that without question, every little bit of good we put out individually contributes to the collective whole.

By teaching yoga and meditation, I endeavor toward putting whatever bits of good I can into the universe by simply helping others connect deeper to their own heart… for this is where the symbiosis and intertwining becomes tangible. In facilitating another person’s truth, I more deeply facilitate my own.

In the last several years my spiritual path has deepened significantly and I have realized that creative expression is one of our primary connections to the Divine (the Universe, Spirit, God… pick the expression that works for you.) By tapping into and engaging whatever our particular spark may be, we are fulfilling a large part of why we were put here on this earth and how we were meant to affect others.

Creative expression has always had a prominent place in my life, and it has manifested in many different ways over the years. It wasn’t until I had been teaching for a little while that I discovered what a beautifully creative process teaching is. Each student, each class offers up a new opportunity for me to push and expand myself… to create a unique and inspiring space for every student, which in turn affirms I am on the right path, doing what I am meant to do. By giving, I am receiving… and I can’t think of anything more symbiotic and uplifting than that.

My own yoga and meditation practice, my travels, writing, photography and dancing when the mood strikes… all these things continue to help me tap deeper into the creative aspects of myself, helping me understand what it is that really inspires my soul and lifts my spirit higher. To me, this is what spirituality is all about. This is what life is all about. I’ve also learned that it’s not the end result of these endeavors, but the process itself that brings enrichment and evolution of the soul.

I have walked a beautifully diverse path in the last 50 years, and while the complications never cease, the amazement, the beauty and the sheer magic that IS this universe never fails to inspire me further. My goal is to explore as far and as wide as I can… seeking both the depth of my internal landscape and the breadth of the never-ending, awe-inspiring landscape across the globe.

I hope that no matter where you are in your life, you endeavor to seek ways to ground yourself into the inherent magic and majesty of this planet, and that you find ways to inspire the greatest and highest heights of your own spirit.