Sunday, August 12, 4:00-6:15pm




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In this two hour workshop we will be exploring the interconnectivity of these individual yoga practices – moving the body, using the voice and quieting the mind. When practiced individually, each of these modalities brings us closer to understanding the integral connection between body and mind, but when woven together they create a rich experience of deep awareness and self-discovery.

WHAT: We will begin with a traditional yoga asana practice that will be appropriate for all levels of experience, followed by an ancient meditation technique that involves slow, controlled movements interspersed with periods of deep relaxation. This traditional technique, called Cyclic Meditation, is successfully being used in hospitals and wellness centers throughout India to promote self-healing and enhance stress management, and most people find the technique to be incredibly soothing.

We will then explore mantra chanting, first finding an intellectual understanding of the practice followed by an experiential understanding of how mantra tangibly energizes the subtle body and helps clear the mind, preparing us for meditation. Using mantra as a precursor to the meditation practice enables you to go deep into the meditative state with greater ease.

We will finish with a formal mediation session facilitated by the preceding practices, and in conclusion there will be time for any questions or reflections you might have.

WHERE: Divine Yoga Studio is located at 255 King Street, Suite-A in the South Beach area of San Francisco. Divine Yoga is a small, cozy studio, and space will be limited to about 10 participants… so if you’re thinking about coming I would encourage you to sign up now!

WHEN: Sunday August 12th, 4-6:15pm

HOW: This is a donation-based workshop with a suggested donation of $25-40, but pay only what you can afford. Your donation confirms your registration and holds your spot in the workshop. Please contact me directly if you have any questions!




As with the yoga practice, getting started with meditation can seem fairly daunting if you have no idea how to begin. While group sittings can be a great inspiration and support, having some one-on-one attention in the beginning can be very beneficial toward creating a strong, sustainable foundation.

If you’ve ever uttered the words “I can’t meditate” or “my mind Is just too busy” or, if you’d simply like help understanding technique or motivation to get started, then you are the perfect candidate for this Introduction to Meditation package!


In the comfort and privacy of your own home, I will get you started
give you the tools to help you stay committed to this transformative practice. 


Over the course of 4 sessions we will:

  • Go over your specific goals and I will give you information that can assist your understanding and support you toward those goals.
  • Find the optimal meditation position for you. When meditating, one position does not fit all! Finding what works for your body will be a huge asset in helping you sustain a rewarding practice.
  • Work on meditation techniques that have been effectively practiced in India for thousands of years.
  • Teach you auxiliary practices which will both enhance your meditation and help keep you engaged.
  • Create specific practices for you to help you find a routine and get the most out of your future meditations.

Sessions will happen weekly over a 4-week period and will be approximately 45 minutes.

Are you outside of San Francisco? While I would love to work with you in person, that isn’t always an option, and our lessons can easily and effectively be conducted via Skype or FaceTime.

~ 4-Class Beginners Package, $250 ~


INDIA 2018

This spring I will headed to India for my third time, only this time I won’t be playing tourist! While I may some free time here and there to explore, I will be spending six weeks getting my advanced teaching certification, delving deeper into yoga philosophy, anatomy, breathing techniques and the more therapeutic aspects of the physical practice.

I look forward to sharing my deepened knowledge and my experiences with you upon my return!