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Blogging as a Way to Share Perspective

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Have you ever consciously, purposefully shifted your perspective in order to see something different? Yoga is about finding your truth. We are given a whole lot of guidelines along the way… from the ancient teachings of morals and disciplines, meditation and breath-work, to the more recent (in the last 100 years) attention given to alignment and physical postures. But the ultimate guide, the ultimate truth, is the knowledge and understanding in your own body, mind and heart.

Yoga offers a means for you to begin searching for truth through your own framework, and one of the most useful tools it provides is a shift in perspective. Our worlds are colored by our experience… all that we have been subject to until this moment. When we begin to consistently and consciously look inward and really connect with what resonates and what doesn’t, we begin to understand how we have a direct hand at coloring our own world.

So much in yoga is about repetition, but there inevitably comes a time when you hear the same thing you’ve heard countless times before, but at that moment something clicks and your understanding completely shifts… suddenly you see/feel/understand things in an entirely new light. What an amazing moment that is, to witness a shift in progress!

I am but one teacher amongst many, one student amongst many more. So while I cannot (and would never) offer you something as empirically right or wrong, what I can (and hope to) do, is simply offer you my perspective in hopes that it helps you expand your own. I have found that it is often through contemplating the experiences of others that we are able to look at our own experience with greater objectivity.

For me, writing has always been not just an avenue of expression, but of integration. The written word is a place that helps me synthesize my experience and make sense of it, and through my years as both a practitioner and a teacher, I frequently write about my perspective on theories, inspirations and the experiences at hand.

I invite you into my perspective. . .

Blog comments, fresh viewpoints and individual musings welcomed and encouraged.