What IS yoga about?

Yoga: What’s is All About?

The other day someone asked me what yoga is about. Not in general, but for me personally. And in that moment I was stopped by the realization that I couldn’t possibly give a simple answer to what my yoga practice means to me. To say that it’s an ever-evolving, deeply profound and ongoing experience seems still somehow inadequate. But after sitting down and giving some thought as to how I could best articulate yoga’s meaning, I landed here. For me, this is what is yoga is about…

It’s about forgetting all the external nonsense and discovering the overwhelming worth of what no one else can see inside. It’s about finding my vulnerability and standing tall and beautiful in the middle of it. It’s about understanding that comparing myself to anything is completely missing the point. It’s about finding strength buried right underneath the surface. It’s about my entire perspective shifting with one, slow, conscious inhale. It’s about an unshakeable calm quietly operating in the background at all times. It’s about letting go of all the old stories deeply engrained in my head because they are no longer relevant to my heart. It’s about holding on dearly to everything I know to be truth. It’s about feeling held by something bigger and infinitely better. It’s about a whole lot of gratitude and even more compassion. It’s about finding grace where I least expected it. It’s about the realization that everything is, in fact, connected. It’s about this beautiful moment, right now. It’s about taking care of and giving my love to the most important person in the world: myself. And mostly, it’s about knowing that the only real thing I can do with that love is put it right back out into the universe in my own, unique little way.

That, is what yoga is about.


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